MyNotify is an Accessibility service allowing for notifications on devices without hardware notification LEDs.

The list of apps being monitored is configurable; defaulting to GMail, Messaging, Phone and GTalk.

Notifications occur at a set interval for a duration of time; can be on a schedule; can be stopped if the device battery is too low or the device is in a bag.


See the FAQ below for common issues .



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Download MyNotify App


Available on Google Play for free:




Using the MyNotify App


Once the app is opened after the install, you should be taken to the Accessibility options:


Accessibility Options


Select the MyNotify Service and turn it on.


MyNotify Service


You will see a warning from the Accessibility system.

This warning is generic, as it cannot tell what a service monitors, but MyNotify only monitors Notifications.

Click OK and then use the Back button to go back to the MyNotify settings screen.


Accessibility Warning


MyNotify Settings

The top of the settings screen:




Allows you to donate from within the App.



MyNotify will trigger the selected notification methods after the selected period of time.



The notifications from MyNotify will continue for the duration of time specified.

Once the duration has passed, then only movement, if enabled, will trigger a notification.



Triggers a vibration pattern when a MyNotify notification occurs.


Camera Flash

Triggers a brief flash of the camera LED flash.

Greyed out if there is no camera LED.


Screen Flash

Triggers the screen to turn on briefly.


The next section of the settings screen:




When movement is detected after the duration time has passed, then a notification trigger occurs.

The screen will not flash at this point, as it is assumed that the device is being picked up to turn it on.

Greyed out if there is no motion gyro.


Proximity detection

When selected, a close proximity object will stop the MyNotify notification triggers.

This stops notifications happening when the device is in a pocket or bag.

Greyed out if there is no proximity detector.


Minimum battery

Notifications will be stopped of the battery falls below this percentage level.


The next section of the settings screen:



Notification Schedule


Turns on the schedule, so notifications only occur between the start and stop times.


Start time

Schedule start time.


Stop time

Schedule stop time.


Notification Apps

App notifications

Displays the list of apps being monitored for notifications.


MyNotify Service

Accessibility Settings

Displays the Accessibility settings screen, allowing the MyNotify service to be turned on and off.






1. Why does the Accessibilty settings say the app can get at all the text you type?


2. What are the default monitored app notifications?


3. Why is the Camera Flash / Movement / Proximity menu greyed out?