ARDrone Combat on Android

A Combat add-on for the free ARDrone Flight or ARDrone Flight Pro.


See the FAQ below for common problems .


Configuration Video

There is a configuration video which takes you through the inital setup and main features of the App.



ARDrone Combat Download


Available on Google Play Store:




Using the ARDrone Combat add-on

When run for the first time, if ARDrone Flight is not installed, you will see a dialog to this effect. Click OK to go to the Google Play Store ARDrone Flight page to install it. 


ARDrone Combat runs as a service for ARDrone Flight or ARDrone Flight Pro providing combat information via Bluetooth. Bluetooth has to be enabled for Combat to work.

For ARDrone Flight Pro it also provides support for CoPilot Mode.


Main screen



The main screen shows the four sections which allow you to connect to an opponent via Bluetooth, configure the Bluetooth opponent (including discovering and pairing) and launching ARDrone Flight to start Drone combat.


ARDrone Combat Client/Server

To use ARDrone Combat, choose one of your devices to be the Server and the other the Client.

Pressing this section will switch between client and server modes.


ARDrone Combat Server

In Server mode, your device will listen for connections from the device you have paired with and selected.



Client Mode

In Client mode, your device will connect to the device you have paired with and selected.



If Bluetooth isn't enabled, it will show the system dialog to enable it. If no opponent is configured it will show the configuration dialog.



You can connect to your opponent's ARDrone Combat before running ARDrone Flight, to check that the Bluetooth link is correctly configured and passing combat information. The notification icon will change from white to red when a connection is made. 

If connection was successful, you will see on-screen messages and the notification icon will turn red.



Configure ARDrone Combat

Pressing this turns on Bluetooth discovery and shows the configuration dialog. If you are setting up Combat for the first time, then you should be doing this on both Android devices.



A list of paired devices is shown on the top and un-paired below. Choose the name of the Android device your opponent is using.



Launch ARDrone Flight

Once you have checked that the ARDrone Combat Bluetooth link is passing Combat information, then you can launch ARDrone Flight by pressing this.

If both ARDrone Flight and ARDrone Flight Pro are installed, then it will launch Pro. 

If connection was successful, you will see on-screen messages and the notification icon will turn red.


ARDrone Flight Combat Settings

When ARDrone Flight has been launched, you should go to the settings and scroll to the Enemy Detection section.

This section allows you to choose opponent indoor or outdoor hull, opponent hull colour, alternative Drone frequency, difficulty level and also to launch ARDrone Combat to change the opponent Bluetooth configuration.



Enemy Detection Mode

You have three modes:


Normal flight turns off opponent detection on the Drone.


Indoor enemies tells the Drone to look for indoor hulls.


Outdoor enemies tells the Drone to look for outdoor hulls.



Enemy colours

You have three colour choices, so choose the one that matches your opponent:









ARDrone Flight Settings Enemy Dection Section



Use alternative Drone frequency

Use this to switch the Drone ultrasonic altimeter to a different frequency. It is to avoid false height information which results in Drones rapidly gaining height without being commanded to do so.

N.B. Only one Drone should use this option.


Difficulty Level

This slider adjusts difficulty from 1 (Easy) to 10 (Hard).

The level changes the time for a missile strike after launch, the size of the aiming circle and how successful chaff counter measures are.


ARDrone Combat configuration

Pressing this takes you from ARDrone Flight to the ARDrone Combat Menu. Use this to check and configure the Bluetooth combat link.


Combat Mode

When a ARDrone Combat link has been successfully established to your opponent, both devices will switch to combat mode.

You can now start combat flying using missiles to take out your opponent's Drone.









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